Peter W. Haas


* 1964

Peter W. Haas works as an artistic and professional photographer and lives in Europe Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. His works can be found in many private collections and have been exhibited abroad in the Slovakia, Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary, and Israel. His main artistic objectives are closely related to standard black & white photography, colored photography, and noble print techniques represented by Platinotype, Kallitype, Cyanotype, Oil Print, and Gum Print. He is able to create so-called ‘pure photos’ with the use of these techniques, while his photos contain no redundant speculative approaches or mannerisms. His production is based on closed cycles in which you can find classical still-lives, images which are an integral part of figural photography; however, his production contains many metaphoric images of details closely related to nature as well. All his works are signed, numbered and certified.

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